August 2008


Physicians Formula doesn’t view the Olympics’ third place finishers as losers, just maybe a little pale. The cosmetics company plans to send all of the Games’ bronze medal winners a lifetime supply of bronzers in honor of their achievements in Beijing. Luckily U.S. gymnast Alicia Sacramone, who got bumped from a bronze following questionable judging on the vault, already seems to have the tan thing down.

How cool is that??????

If you like “shiny, shiny” and want to literally sparkle on the beach … you should check out the metallic swimsuits.  They are really gorgeous. Here are a few that we like.

This metallic booty short bikini is so sleek and hip.  You are sure to make a statement when wearing this sexy suit.  Looks good on all body types and will become one of the mostcomfortable and versatile bikinis you own.

Slick Gold Bikini
as featured on the cover of FHM Magazine is incredibly hot!  This little bikini is as sexy as it gets.  Made from metallic fabric, you will be sure to shine like pure gold!










This suit is the
  Metallic fabric is woven through eyelet holes to accent this tiny
bikini.  A must-have for your swimwear collection!  

Carmen Electra does it. So does Kate Hudson, Paris Hilton and Terri Hatcher. Looking for some fun and to get into shape? Or, perhaps you are looking for your inner stripper . . . Pole dancing has become the hot ticket to getting in shape or adding a little spice to your relationship; dancer poles are showing up in thousands of homes across America. It’s fun, it’s sexy and it’s a fresh approach to working out while ncorporating sensual dance moves, strength, coordination and muscle toning.

A friend of mine just signed up for classes and is absolutely loving it. And, she says the health benefits are amazing. I think she is addicted at this point.

The basics: Pole dancing is a form of
/gymnastics. It involves dancing sensually with a vertical pole and is often used in strip clubs and gentlemen’s clubs, although more recently artistic pole dancing (Chinese poles) is used in cabaret/circus and stage performance in a non-erotic environment. Advanced pole dancing requires significant strength and endurance.

In a strip club setting, pole dancing is often performed less gymnastically and combined with striptease, and/or lap dancing between performers. The dancer(s) may simply hold the pole, or use it to perform more athletic moves such as climbs, spins, and body inversions. Upper body and core strength are important to proficiency, which takes time to develop. But, it’s not limited to the club settings. More and more, people are having them installed in their homes, which is why I’m posting where to get the poles and how to learn on your own.

The pole dancing “bruise chart” to the right cracked me up. It was found here, and definitely worth posting. It’s cute and a light side at looking at this sport.

Standard poles typically consist of a hollow steel or brass pole running from floor to ceiling. The diameter is usually around 2 inches, allowing it to be gripped comfortably with one hand. These are not portable pressured grip poles. These poles mount into the floor and ceiling.

Check out Keg Works for more information and all the supplies you need to have a pole installed in your home. You can also check out this pole dance site on which will help you find DVD’s, Books, Poles, the Shoes and whatever else you might need to get started. Um… except the energy : )

Barbie would be so proud : ) Down in North Carolina, Grandpa (David Hayes’ )granddaughter just asked him to hold her Barbie rod and reel while she went to the bathroom. He did. Seconds later he landed the state record channel catfish at 21 pounds, 1 ounce. Alyssa’s father had bought the pink Barbie Spincast Rod rod for Christmas and she had caught a few bluegill before her grandfather hauled in the catfish.

The Winston-Salem Journal reported the catch Aug. 5 in eastern Wilkes County has been certified as a record by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

Hayes and his granddaughter have been fishing in the pond behind his house since she was big enough to hold a pole.

Hayes said his granddaughter worried he would break her rod. He landed the 21-pound fish on a 6-pound test line. It was 32 inches long, 2 inches longer than the rod.


8 Gold Medal Champion

8 Gold Medal Champion

There’s really nothing I can say that everyone else hasn’t said about Michael Phelps, except to add to the congratulations to Michael Phelps and the USA swim team! Awsome performance by all.

Glad to say he is from our home town Bawlmore : ) — and that he is a fine upstanding human being.  We’ve produced at least two in that category … Phelps and Cal Ripken.  Both humble, both family oriented and not afraid to show they love their mom in public, goal oriented, team player and supporter,  and so much more.   There’s a great information piece found on Times Online that is worth the read.  Including this bit of info:

    Phelps’s lungs pump 30 litres of blood to his muscles, nearly twice the amount of an average man. At the same time, his immense fitness levels, physiology and metabolism are responsible for a lactic acid level that is about a third of the average swimmer’s. He has broad shoulders and a long torso but comparatively short legs, an ideal combination for propelling himself through the water with minimal resistance. This is accentuated by his paddle-size hands and flipper-style size14 feet. On top of all this, he wears and was involved in the development of the state-of-the-art Speedo swimsuit (Nasa did its bit too), which claims to reduce drag in the water. ‘I feel like a rocket off the wall,’ he says on Speedo’s website.”

Another interesting tidbit — at least to me — is why wasn’t Mark Spitz invited to attend the Olympics?  I would love to know why — seems strange.  And again, with true professionalism and grace — Spitz was very gracious and complementary with Phelps which also shows his strength of character, according to the Los Angeles Times:

  • In his NBC remarks, Spitz said he had decided four years ago, when Phelps won six gold medals at the Athens Olympics, that Phelps had the potential to go further.”Now the whole world knows,” Spitz said. “We are so proud of you here, Michael, in America and the way you’ve handled yourself. . . . You represent such an inspiration to youngsters around the world. You have a tremendous responsibility for all those people you are going to inspire over the next number of years. I know that you will wear the crown well.

    “You know, you weren’t born when I did what I did. I’m sure I was a part of your inspiration, and I take that as a full compliment. They say you judge one’s character by the company that you keep, and I’m happy to keep company with you.”

Congratulations and good show Hon!

I dunno ….  can Angelina Jolie really be replaced?  It worked in the Tom Clancey movies when Alec Baldwin was replaced by Harrison Ford.  It has worked in the Bond movies… but what about tomb raider?  Hmmmm.

The new tomb raider is Alison Carroll, aka/the new Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider series of movies.  Well what do you think, is she good enough to fill Angelina Jolie’s shoes? 

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