8 Gold Medal Champion

8 Gold Medal Champion

There’s really nothing I can say that everyone else hasn’t said about Michael Phelps, except to add to the congratulations to Michael Phelps and the USA swim team! Awsome performance by all.

Glad to say he is from our home town Bawlmore : ) — and that he is a fine upstanding human being.  We’ve produced at least two in that category … Phelps and Cal Ripken.  Both humble, both family oriented and not afraid to show they love their mom in public, goal oriented, team player and supporter,  and so much more.   There’s a great information piece found on Times Online that is worth the read.  Including this bit of info:

    Phelps’s lungs pump 30 litres of blood to his muscles, nearly twice the amount of an average man. At the same time, his immense fitness levels, physiology and metabolism are responsible for a lactic acid level that is about a third of the average swimmer’s. He has broad shoulders and a long torso but comparatively short legs, an ideal combination for propelling himself through the water with minimal resistance. This is accentuated by his paddle-size hands and flipper-style size14 feet. On top of all this, he wears and was involved in the development of the state-of-the-art Speedo swimsuit (Nasa did its bit too), which claims to reduce drag in the water. ‘I feel like a rocket off the wall,’ he says on Speedo’s website.”

Another interesting tidbit — at least to me — is why wasn’t Mark Spitz invited to attend the Olympics?  I would love to know why — seems strange.  And again, with true professionalism and grace — Spitz was very gracious and complementary with Phelps which also shows his strength of character, according to the Los Angeles Times:

  • In his NBC remarks, Spitz said he had decided four years ago, when Phelps won six gold medals at the Athens Olympics, that Phelps had the potential to go further.”Now the whole world knows,” Spitz said. “We are so proud of you here, Michael, in America and the way you’ve handled yourself. . . . You represent such an inspiration to youngsters around the world. You have a tremendous responsibility for all those people you are going to inspire over the next number of years. I know that you will wear the crown well.

    “You know, you weren’t born when I did what I did. I’m sure I was a part of your inspiration, and I take that as a full compliment. They say you judge one’s character by the company that you keep, and I’m happy to keep company with you.”

Congratulations and good show Hon!