Sara Hoots will represent Hooters as their best Hooters Girl, cheerleader and the all American girl. It must have been a difficult time for the judges to pick someone from all of the beauty assembled in one place. Who would have guessed that no other than Ms. Hoots will be representing Hooters as their winner.

There were four top finalists in the competition who also won prizes. First runner up, Heather Brady, representing Killeen, TX received $15,000 in cash plus prizes; Nesie Daglis who represented Downtown Atlanta was second runner up and won $10,000 and in third place was Vanessa Ferbeyre, Miss Miami took home $8,000. Serina Snelling, was 4th runner up and received $7,000 from Hampton, VA. Other winners from the top 10 finalists include Brittany Johnson of Johnson City, TN; Nikki Longtin, from Lakeland, FL; Marie Butler who represented the Original Hooters of Clearwater, from St. Petersburg, FL; Amanda Murphy from Murfreesboro, TN; and LeAnglea David, representing Columbus, OH.

Hooters is an international company and recognition of that achievement they crowned Suzie Fu from Beijing, China, as Miss Hooters World. Ms. Photogenic award and a $5,000 photo shoot went to Sarah Barret of Lafayette, IN. Ms. Congeniality was voted by the contestants and won by Emma Cam from Australia.

This year the contest was broadcast live to Hooters restaurants across the country from the Broward Theatre for the Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. During the swimsuit competition diners at Hooters sent in over 130,000 text votes for their favorite during the show.

Way to go Sara!