I digress from the beach blog …. this is just too cute and too funny not to post : )

Sara at Going Crafty has the cutest blog and the cutest “FREE” pattern for a child’s turkey hat. What’s more retro than a Thanksgiving hat? We’ve been celebrating Thanksgiving for years and years and years; and wearing hats since the dawn of time …. am I right here? At any rate, this is just too cute not to pass along : )

The pattern is sized for a 12 month old. You can size it up or down by changing the size of the hat; just use an even number of stitches and adjust the decreases after row 5 to match the number of stitches you have, adding or deleting rows to work down to 12 stitches. If you go smaller, still keep at least 16 stitches as the base for the legs, to maintain structural integrity, and maybe not do as many even rows at 36 stitches (rows 6-15). There are many natural variations in the turkey world, so whatever you come up with will be fabulous.

Last year’s hat was done in Red Heart Soft acrylic yarn; this year Sara used Cascade 220 wool, with Wool-Ease for the bones because she wanted a brighter white than you usually get with wool.

So get knitting!