June 2009

According to an MSM Survey; more than 50 percent of women are pining for a summer fling with the Hollywood’s “Bad BoyChristian Bale.

And I say “AMEN! To That!”

According to the MSN survey Christian Bale is the object of desire for more than 50 percent of female respondents. Regardless of his much publicized on-set tirade while filming “Terminator Salvation,” Bale easily beat out Robert Pattinson, today’s hottest vampire, and Chris Pine, aka Captain Kirk, as the celebrity with whom women would most want to have a summer fling. Unexpectedly, Pattinson, a very popular man among many twentysomething women, received only 21 percent of the female vote as this summer’s most desired celebrity fling — and Pine received a mere 14 percent.

Wow, I guess women still do love “REAL MEN;” I have to say Christian Bale definitely personifies a man’s man while having the sexiness of being a ladies man.


Found on the Katy Elliott designer blog. Is this not the coolest idea????? How about vintage bathing suit framed for your walls? Here are a few found on 1st Dibs. These are a bit pricey for some pocketbooks, which leads me to think that you could search vintage shops (or ebay) and find a great suit to frame yourself. AND, if you live near a Michael’s or Joanne Fabric store, they often run the professional framing at 50% off. Get a shadowbox and you’ve got a great addition to your walls.

Above – at 1st Dibs. American1900-1920’sGreat new collection of vintage wool bathing suits, each impeccably mounted to last and framed in a custom lacquered shadow box. Prices vary from $2300 to $2695. Many more available from a 30 year veteran collector. They can be purchased here
If 1st Dibs is too pricey and you still want to buy online … there is Petrie Point Design:

Petrie Point Designs are authentic, vintage bathing suits from the 1920s to the 1960s that are beautifully framed and made into timeless works of art. Perfect for your home, beach house, hotel, restaurant, or as a gift. (Select photography by James Montague: www.jamesmontaguestudio.com.)
Okay, this may seem a little quirky or strange, but I am so enamoured at this idea, I have to share. Check out The Neptune Memorial Reef ; which is an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional funeral and cemetery burial that we have all come to know so well.
This resting place is under water where there is still life … so it can make death more of a celebration of life. Think about it, it is life after life. You are giving after leaving this earthly plane. There are currently over 100 souls there now. This reef not only provides an extraordinary eternal resting place for the departed, but it was constructed to regenerate life in the ocean. If you are a beach lover you can appreciate the fact that we take a lot from our environment while we live. Here’s an opportunity to give something back.
The reef is located 3.25 miles east of Key Biscayne in Miami, FL – GPS coordinates N25º 42.036′, W80º 05.409′ – the Reef is the largest man-made reef ever conceived. Over 16 acres of barren ocean floor is being transformed. The first phase is a classical recreation of the Lost City, 40 feet under the sea. The natural surroundings in which the structures were placed have produced a marine habitat to promote coral and marine organism while creating the ultimate ‘Green Burial’ opportunity.
A recent marine study conducted by the Department of Environmental Resource Management [DERM] concluded that marine life around the reef has gone from the zero to thousands in two years. In addition to providing a permanent legacy for those who loved the ocean, the Neptune Memorial Reef is attracting recreational scuba divers, marine biologists, students, researchers and ecologists from all over the world. And, believe it or not, there is no charge to visit the reef.
Recent marine monitoring study conducted in December 2008 by DERM (Department of Environmental Resources Management) revealed that 1625 fish of 35 different species were observed in 14 different fish counts at different locations within the NMR vs. 1027 fish of 29 different species in March 2008. An increase of over 60% in only 9 months!”
With 6 rings and 8 “spokes”, the completed project will cover 16 acres of the seafloor, 3 ¼ miles off Key Biscayne in 45 feet of water.

With 6 rings and 8 “spokes”, the completed project will cover 16 acres of the seafloor, 3 ¼ miles off Key Biscayne in 45 feet of water.

Think of it this way …. if you always wanted to retire in Florida, you can do it for free after the first installment : )

As seen in the June/July issue of Bust Magazine!!!! (Page 34)

This vintage reproduction is not really a maillot because it is actually a two piece. As a two piece, it fits more comfortably, it’s easier to go to the ladies room; and it won’t bunch, sag, or stretch vertically when you sit. Style shown is blue with two parallel white piping lines and rouching detail in the middle.
Available at Get Go Retro!

I’m just saying …

(Photo Cred: Fame Pictures) Source: Accidental Sexiness

So exciting … We are featured in this month’s “Status Ink” magazine — models wearing our Skinny Dip Swimwear line!