December 2010

 Every parent’s nightmare (protecting their kids from harm) and the results of peer
pressure while growing up.It’s all about the choices you make … and some of that comes with age and experience.  I’m referencing the news about the adorable and cute Disney Star, Hannah Montana aka/Miley Cyrus  who was recently videotaped using a bong during her 18th birthday party (which of course was leaked to the public).  Miley allegedly says she was smoking salvia and not marijuana.  Salvia, a legal psychedelic herb and has been in the media lately.  Salvia usage has historical roots in Mexico and South America, and was used by
Curanderos to help them fall into trances.  The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration website has this to say, “due to salvia’s hallucinogenic effects, there is a substantial risk of injury or death as a result of impaired judgment due to disruptions of sensory and cognitive functions.”  It  is unpredictable with each user and is a hallucinatory, mind-altering drug that can be lethal. 

Of course, it was leaked onto the internet, and her father, Billy Ray, seemed to be as shocked as everyone else.  Ray took toTwitter  to address the controversy, and he seems so sad (it’s called being a parent)  ….  he wrote:

“Sorry guys. I had no idea. Just saw this stuff for the first time myself.
I’m so sad. There is much beyond my control right now.”

Have to really feel sorry for him, the timing isn’t great since he has his own “stuff” going on (He and wife Tish are going through  divorce proceedings right now.) 

I really hope Miley grows up a little quicker in her choices.  I think she is cute as a “button.”   Have to admit — even though I’m an adult, her show is a guilty pleasure.   She is only 18 but her voice is a gift , and yes, she is allowed to make mistakes.  Being “good” or wholesome is not necessarily a bad thing, but at 18, some kids don’t want the image.  I’m really hoping she doesn’t turn out to be a celebrity that disappoints as she gets a little older.  You get tired (and sad) of all these celebrities who are great kids and then grow up to have major, major problems.  Hope she can avoid that  and the public scrutiny!

Furthermore, when are celebrities and us “regular” folks ever going to learn that with digital cameras, camera phones and everything else out there that you have to watch you P’s and Q’s.  It is not just “Big Brother” watching you anymore!  Its you friends, “so-called” friends and strangers.  Everything can be taped and shared.  You have to be careful out there!


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