50 Something Styles

You will knock ’em dead in this sassy mid-40’s “Mad Men” styled bathing suit! Lovely, feminine and sexy all wrapped into one suit. It is the classic pin-up look. Black and white stripes, ever so Betty Draper and even Barbie if you sport a pony tail!. This suit is all about the lines! The suit is fully lined – and as authentic as retro gets!  Excellent quality; designed and made in the USA by Nicole Katherine Designs. 

P.S. Flip Flops or Stilletto’s will look great with this suit!

Available in late October, 2010.  If you would like to reserve a suit … email us at GetGoRetro@yahoo.com


Just added … the fabulous “Starlet” Swimsuit by Sheila Frank.  Get more bang for your buck  … it comes with a skirt.

Racier types may want to give the Starlet a whirl; with cutouts and a removable skirt, it’ll have those sailors swooning in your wake.   Starlet is a Halter style one piece with a sweet heart neckline, side cutouts and again, has a  removable high waist skirt.   Comes in solid brown, dark leopard or light leopard pictured above.Both pieces for $89.00!
The Light Green Hawaiian Sarong is on Rebel Pinup’s Girl of the Month. You, too, can rock this look!
Available at Get Go Retro!

Styles from Lady K.  Great styles at a great price.

The Old Town Dress … perfect for out of town, in the town, on the town … this dress is as versatile as it is pretty. Swing skirt style with fitted bodice and white neck trim. Perfect for summer, winter or fall. Cotton.

Need a swmsuit?

This is a fabulous suit; the Double Cutie Retro Swimsuit. Subtle and sexy and  full coverage. The perfect swimsuit when you’re feeling modest …. but cute; on the beach, a towel, pool side or even at the bar!

Both available at Get Go Retro.com

Warm weather is just around the corner …. really, it is!  Just in time we have new suits from Fables by Barrie … that are cute cute cute!  Check out the Sailor Bernie Super bright and shimmery low-rise red bottom with a white trimmed navy blue skirt overlay, accented with a white anchor button with a red anchor. Made of 4-way stretch nylon/spandex and full lined, couled with a shimmery red halter top accented with contrast white band and blue ruffled under bust. Made of 4-way stretch nylon/spandex and fully lined with removable padding and hook closure in back.   And modeled of course by Bernie Dexter herself!

And, I love this adorable high waisted swimsuit by Sugar Dolls …A nod to the all American Pin-up Queens of yester year! This bikini has a high waisted bottom with shirred anchor print lycra in the front, made to look like a skirt but attached to shorts. The top has shirred red and white stripes, lined with stiff interfacing and boning to hold in the girls and has a vintage 50’s feel. Thick stretch denim ties for added support. Great for those who are well endowed!

Both available at Get Go Retro.com

I hate to be the one … but …. New Year’s Resolution time.  What time is it?  Time to start the diet.  And, when I tell you the Body Magic shapewear makes you “feel good” physically, I’m not kidding. It actually feels great being “firmed up” and all your insides in place : ) Not to mention — losing the few inches in minutes helps you get mentally motivated to lose the weight (not matter how little or how much).

This particular shaper does get great reviews. And, it is medical grade compression material. Same thing the doctors and plastic surgeons use. It’s comfortable and works.

Measuring Instructions
1- BREAST (measure around back and your breast. This is not a tight measurement)
2- THORAX (measure directly under your breast and that one is to be a very tight measurement)
3- WAIST (measurement about 2 inches above your navel)
4- LOWER BELLY (if you have a lot of lower belly tissue measure that as well)
HIPS (measure around the largest part of your hips)

You can order it here — Ardyss

Every rockabilly gal or guy looks great in a pair of shades.  Whether driving down the road; shading your eyes on the beach; or even hiding those baby blues in a game of  poker.  A pair of shades can change “everything.”  Shades can make you a fashion icon on “your street,” become your “brand;” the envy of your friends and illicet a prayer from the best of friends that you accidently lose them.

Sunglasses in themselves are an iconic accessory.  Popular in movies, for creating cool characters and sex appeal.  Take the opening scene of “Cool Hand Luke”  a movie about a man  played by Paul Newman who refuses to conform to life in a rural prison. The Boss Man otherwise known as the “man with no eyes,”  watches Newman  in reflective sunglasses; which set the tone for the movie and helped ensure the classic line “”What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.”  We have Steve McQueen in “Thomas Crown Affair,”where McQueen is stylish and sophisticated; to the classic Carey Grant in “It Takes a Thief,” as the suave cat burgler.  And, don’t forget Tom Cruise in the pop culture classic “Risky Business.”

Granted I love the old movies and movie stars.  But, everything old is new again and leading this trend is a great new selection of sport-inspired sunglasses that are vintage inspired, trendy, sporty and affordable. Italian designer Carrera owned by the Italian sunglass house Safilo, has re-launched their “CARRERA VINTAGE” line; an upgraded version of their own vintage sunglasses which were originally launched in 1956 for the sportsman in “fast paced sports,” notably racing.

The brand name “Carerra” was derived from the Carrera Panamericana (the annual car race that stretches across Mexico.) Carrera still specializes in sports sunglasses but it is their modern and vintage sunglass range that has made them one of the coolest brands of sunglasses in today’s fashion market. Relaunched in Europe (2007) they are just now being released into the States. The new “vintage” line pays tribute to their 1950s line of racing glasses, but plays them up, referencing their ’80s design style of oversized frames and colors that pop. Although the new line is incredibly fun, they’re also incredibly functional, as their large surface area provides optimum UV protection. They are the perfect spring collection for sport enthusiasts and every day use. The Aviator styles are hugely popular and are worn by many being worn by many major ‘A’ list stars of today, including Jamie Foxx, Alex Meraz, Don Johnson, Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Rhianna and Lady Gaga.

Singer and fashion icon Lady Gaga is wearing the “Champion” model which is the brand’s signature and most colorful style in its recently relaunched “vintage collection.   In  her latest music video “Bad Romance,” the lead single off GaGa’s upcoming album The Fame Monster. “Bad Romance” premiered during Paris fashion week.

“Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Roma-roma-mamaa! Ga-ga-ooh-la-la!” The music is a perfect driving soundtrack that is not only listenable and danceable ; but a great soundtrack for the fashion runway. Watch the video;   you will notice that the distinctive and fashionable sunglasses enhances Lady GaGa’s fearless and confident performance. This reminds you that the Lady Gaga experience is visual as well as musical.  Should we say “accessories make the girl.”  No, of course not.  But it helps. : )

Customized with retro detailing, the new models from Carrera have achieved cult status and make a bold fashion statement that is popular with teenagers, trendsetters and for many celebrities. By wearing vintage sunglasses a person can easily emphasize look elegant and stylish.  Oh and they make a great place to hide! How many out there like to hide behind your sunglasses? 

Check out the Carerra Vintage line  at Carrera World … I’m sure you’ll find your “true colors.”

You can check out the video here.

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