Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet™.  If you haven’t tried it, it’s a great way to help you diet; you eat six low-calorie cookies and a light meal for dinner each day.   It’s been said that Kim used these to help with her fitness routine.  She looks fantastic!

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian said she was set on getting back in shape for her swimsuits, vowing she would get a six-pack by summer. News is; a recent beach outing reveals that the star has definitely meant every word she said, as People magazine can confirm.  A more confident and gorgeous (as if she isn’t already)  Kim was at the beach and her stunning figure is evident. She still has her notorious curves, the magazine reveals, since that’s how her body is built.  If you remember, an untouched photo came out not too long ago of Kim showing that she had some cellulite on her legs.  Kim at that time stated that she was not (and would never be) ashamed to admit she had cellulite which in my opinion, she should not have had to even comment on.  Many people have it, why make someone feel bad about it?. At any rate, it’s been said she gave up junk food, started eating healthier and began working out on a daily  basis.  “I feel great. I am eating well and I go to the gym every day and I already see a difference.” Kim tells People magazine.  I’ve also read that as an extra helper, Kardashian also took up Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet™.  If you haven’t tired it, it’s a great way to help you diet; you eat six low-calorie cookies and a light meal for dinner each day. 

Sources:  Softpedia; Photo from: Smartscale


Diet bracelets (also known as the abacus diet) according to Marie Claire, celebrities like actress Kate Beckinsale and Australian songbird Delta Goodrem use beaded bracelets to help them keep track of calories throughout the day. Each bead represents a set number of calories, depending on the number of beads. As you eat, you slide the beads to keep track of the number of calories you take in.

Weight Watchers sells a “points counter” bracelet that is based on a similar concept but incorporates their point system rather than calories. Copyright and patents on this product may make it difficult to find online, but it’s fairly simple to make your own.

The next obvious question, anybody out there tried it???