As seen in the June/July issue of Bust Magazine!!!! (Page 34)

This vintage reproduction is not really a maillot because it is actually a two piece. As a two piece, it fits more comfortably, it’s easier to go to the ladies room; and it won’t bunch, sag, or stretch vertically when you sit. Style shown is blue with two parallel white piping lines and rouching detail in the middle.
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After revealing that he is moving out of Anna Nicole Smith’s house and filming a reality show, Larry Birkhead has decided to put his 2-year-old daughter Dannielynn’s old baby clothes and toys up for auction on eBay. The proceeds will go to Camp Kindle, a charity that cares for children affected by HIV or AIDS.
The items include designer dresses, pajamas, swimsuits, as well as outfits the little girl wore for photoshoots. Larry says he chose Camp Kindle because Anna Nicole filmed an episode of her reality show there,“It was the first time I really saw Anna Nicole out of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood,” Birkhead writes on his Web site. “She stayed for over a week and helped the kids and formed relationships with many of them. Hopefully, the money donated from these items can help these children in need by funding their trips to camp.”
To see the items, most of which start at $10, head here.
For more information about Larry’s good-deed auction, visit

Bra Saves Woman\'s LifeI read this on the Lingerie Post Blog. A reader heard on the CW11 Morning News during the week of June 28th, that a woman’s bra saved her life. How you wonder? I seems an American woman was hiking in the Bavarian Alps and used her sports bra as an S.O.S. symbol. She attracted the attention of lumberjacks as the bra was attached to a cable used to move timber down a mountain. Fortunately, a helicopter crew noticed the bra and sent help. The woman is expected to make a full recovery.

Women are so smart aren’t they?