Something fishy about that new swimsuit! How about a bikini made from fish skin ? Fashion entrepreneurs from Thailand have found a way to tan fish skin. The tanned fish skin is then used to make shoes, handbags, and apparels. And…… here goes the latest value added fashion product, Fishkini, waterproof bikini made from various type of fish skins. It will go on sale at approximately RM 280 per piece.”It’s comfortable, especially inside. The bikini can really breathe. It’s a bit strange because it’s new and it’s not elasticized. I like the fact that it’s waterproof which means it can dry more easily,” said 30-year-old Sudarat Sae-Lim, 30, who volunteered to model the fish-skin bikini.

My question…. “Does it make you swim any faster … or better : ) ?