According to an MSM Survey; more than 50 percent of women are pining for a summer fling with the Hollywood’s “Bad BoyChristian Bale.

And I say “AMEN! To That!”

According to the MSN survey Christian Bale is the object of desire for more than 50 percent of female respondents. Regardless of his much publicized on-set tirade while filming “Terminator Salvation,” Bale easily beat out Robert Pattinson, today’s hottest vampire, and Chris Pine, aka Captain Kirk, as the celebrity with whom women would most want to have a summer fling. Unexpectedly, Pattinson, a very popular man among many twentysomething women, received only 21 percent of the female vote as this summer’s most desired celebrity fling — and Pine received a mere 14 percent.

Wow, I guess women still do love “REAL MEN;” I have to say Christian Bale definitely personifies a man’s man while having the sexiness of being a ladies man.


Bra Saves Woman\'s LifeI read this on the Lingerie Post Blog. A reader heard on the CW11 Morning News during the week of June 28th, that a woman’s bra saved her life. How you wonder? I seems an American woman was hiking in the Bavarian Alps and used her sports bra as an S.O.S. symbol. She attracted the attention of lumberjacks as the bra was attached to a cable used to move timber down a mountain. Fortunately, a helicopter crew noticed the bra and sent help. The woman is expected to make a full recovery.

Women are so smart aren’t they?